Birds Bring Beauty
To Your Garden
Make your garden inviting to various kinds of birds and you'll enjoy more if its natural beauty, says the American
Association of Nurserymen.  The group notes that the sounds, colors and movements of these creatures will add
interest to your landscape year-round.

For expert advice on attracting birds, AAN consulted Campbell & Ferrara Nurseries in Alexandria, Virginia.  C & F's
experts tell homeowners to create a welcome atmosphere by planning wisely.  They say that the best way to invite
birds to nest is by providing food, shelter and water.  If you don't have a pond or stream on your property, a bird
bath will serve as a good source of water.  Put it where trees and shrubs will provide protective cover, and be sure to
keep it filled with plenty of fresh water.

A protective environment is essential for building nests, and some plants provide shelter and food.  C & F suggests
that you select such dual purpose trees and shrubs such as dogwoods, crabapples, hawthorns, pines, cedars,
hollies, viburnums and honeysuckles.

After you've identified your yard's best features for attracting birds, begin to enhance them.  C & F says to take a
cue from nature.  The edges of the forest or open meadow attract birds because the greatest diversity of plant life
occurs in those places.  Re-create this environment in your own yard by providing a variety of trees, shrubs and

The quick way to transform wide-open lawns into bird habitats is to disregard the rule about properly spacing trees
during installation.  Instead, plant a cluster of fast-growing trees.  Under a lone shade tree, plant shrubbery and
flowers.  Put shrubs in as a background for your flower bed and accent it with a small fruiting tree.

C & F's professionals say to let your garden reflect your own style and taste, whether formal or informal.  Birds can't
discern design elements.  They prefer a variety of seasonal interest, just as you do.