Your interest in beauty - a well-landscaped home, a lovely garden to enjoy, or the
community in which you live - deserves professional assistance.
The Iowa Nurseryman's Association is recognizing these challenges, and in an attempt
to upgrade the nursery industry, it has developed a program called the Iowa Certified
Nurseryman.  The program has both men and women participating in it today.  In
addition, some individuals from surrounding states have joined in.
In order to achieve this prestigious title, it takes much time and hard work.  The
nurseryman must first take an examination covering such areas as plant identification,
landscape design, pests, soils, fertilizers, salesmanship and many others.
Upon completion and passing of the written test, the nurseryman is required to attend a
continuing program each year in order to keep updated on any new regulations and
research which may have been developed since he was first certified.
As you can see, the Iowa Certified Nurseryman's title must be worked for and is not just
handed out indiscriminately.  Certification assures knowledgeable and quality service to
the customer.  The person wearing the Iowa Certified Nurseryman badge is an expert
qualified to advise and guide you in your gardening needs.  This professional attainment
is your assurance of quality service.
What does it mean to be an Iowa Certified Nurseryman?