Don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews….

Thank-you – I LOVE it!  R.H., Sumner, IA

Tyler (and crew),  Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done on our property.  It has added beauty,
ease-of-care, and enjoyment, as well as value.  We’ve gotten many compliments.  You and your crew have been very
professional and pleasant to work with as well as helpful and hard working.  We are more than pleased with the
results!  C&W H, Cedar Falls, IA

Maifeld Landscaping:  I couldn’t be happier!  It was well worth the wait.  I love the design that you came up
with Tyler.  Also your team was fantastic.  They were very professional and hard working.  I don’t think they
ever took a break.  Thanks.  E.D.  Dike, IA

Tyler,  The landscaping looks GREAT!  I have had received numerous compliments.  Best, CJS, Cedar Falls, IA

Thank you!  The area if fabulous!  M.L.  Clarksville, IA

Thanks again for a great job!  I’ve had a lot of compliments on how nice it looks.  M.A.M, Dewar, IA

Thank you for the excellent service.  Your staff is always very kind and friendly!  R&T N,  Waterloo, IA

Thanks so much for everything you have done for me in my garden.  You have a terrific team of workers.  M.E.M.,
Cedar Falls, IA

Thanks for the Preen, mulch, and crabapple.  It always looks so good when the guys get done.  Last
summer my yard was qualified to be a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.  
Everyone says I have the nicest yard in town.  I appreciate it more and more every day.  K.T. & D.G., Cedar
Falls, IA

I just love our landscaping.  Dogs and I have been sitting out on the 1st circle of pavers every day.  They are so
excited and think you did this all for them.  They run around playing ball.  D.R., Waterloo, IA

Nice Work!  Again!  D.G.

Hi.  Thanks again.  The yard looks great.  The guys are so efficient and tidy which is very much appreciated.  K.T.,
Cedar Falls, IA

Receive many good comments on the project.  Thank you.  H.H., Sumner, IA

Thank you for bing so patient with us.  We really appreciated your work.  All is looking very nice.  Thanks again.  F&S
H, Cedar Falls, IA

Thanks for the prompt response to my request.  Your crew does very professional work!  A.T. Fayette, IA

The fresh mulch really spruced things up.  I’m enjoying watching all the little plants emerging.  It’s like a gift every
year.  Thanks so much again.  K&D T Cedar Falls, IA

We are so pleased with the planning and work that you and your crew did for us this spring.  You added
immeasurably to the landscaping of our back yard, and we will enjoy watching all of the new plants grow
and mature.  The addition to the pond wall seems to make it “complete”, and the flagstones have changed
the path from “stepping stones” to a “walk”, which will make it much easier to follow.  And the new fence
section behind the gazebo is just what we wanted to provide a good visual block and to add to the
balance of our yard.  We want to commend your employees for their work; they are so pleasant to work
with and ready to do whatever they can to please.  As you have time, please plan a visit to view the
results.  J&E K.  Waverly, IA

I just wanted to tell you that many people have remarked about how much nicer our church grounds look now.  No one
has made any suggestions or comments that was not positive.  We thank you for a job well done.  Sumner, IA

Maifeld Team: Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me.  I appreciate your work.  M.E.M, Cedar
Falls, IA

Thanks so much.  The trees are terrific.  They look fantastic.  Your help was very pleasant.  A.M.  Sumner, IA

Thanks.  We want to thank you guys for your professionalism and expertise you have given us through
two houses.  C&B L.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated everything you and your crew done for us from the plans to the
finish.  The rain was a real pain for everyone but your crew worked as diligently as possible.  They were all polite and
courteous and when they left they cleaned up like they were never even there.  The landscape looks fantastic and we
get lots of compliments from friends and neighbors.  Everything looks great.  Again thanks to you and all of your
employees for a great job!  Everything was greatly appreciated and you come highly recommended from us.  J&D V.
Waterloo, IA

Thanks for the nice job and also how you cleaned up after your work.  G.T.  Cedar Falls, IA

The trees look terrific.  We have had many compliments and we always let people know where they came from.  
Thanks again. C&C S.  Fairbank, IA

I have had a lot of people tell me how great my yard looks.  I am real pleased with it.  Thanks! D.R.  
Fairbank, IA

Thanks for a job well done.  The boulders out front look great!  M.N. Waverly, IA

Usual great job! L&D B. Wavelry, IA

We would like to thank you for the beautiful job you did designing and installing our landscaping around our new
home.  What a difference it makes!  We are really enjoying it.  Thank you for your patience in working with me on the
design plan.  Your staff was wonderful and such hard workers.  Thanks again, we look forward to working with you
again.  J&N W.  Wavelry, IA

We just wanted to say thank you!  We just love the whole area.  The picnic was a success and we had lots
of compliments.  If you ever want to send anyone to look, you’re more than welcome to.  Thanks again.  
R&D B.  Waterloo, IA

It was indeed a pleasure to work with you.  If anyone else needs assistance in planting trees, we will surely pass your
name along.  T&J B. Cedar Falls, IA

Thank you.  The back yard is beautiful and we are so pleased.  J&A R. Sumner, IA

As always the guys did a great job. They are so efficient and tidy.  The dry run creek is going to make my life so much
easier and looks wonderful.  Thank you again for helping us.  You are the best.  K&D G.  Cedar Falls, IA

Thanks again.  The yard looks great.  Getting many compliments.  Any time you want to bring your wife by
to look at the house, you’re welcome.  J&D W. Dike IA

Thank you so much for the newest additions to our landscaping.  They are great selections and seem to be doing
well.  We appreciate your being able to help us out yet again.  Everything is filling in nicely and its a pleasure to have
such a beautiful yard.  Thanks again.  K&D G.  Cedar Falls, IA

Thanks!!  We love our new shrubs, etc!!  Cant wait til spring!! M&K V.  Cedar Falls, IA

Thanks so much for the beautiful trees.  I just love them.  They are such nice trees and so beautiful in color.  B.B.  
Fredericksburg, IA

Thanks for the quick service and great job done.  R&C H.  Dike, IA

Many thanks for finding the time necessary to trim our evergreens.  I’m sure the young men on the crew were able to
do the trimming in short order! A.T. Fayette, IA

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we’re very pleased with the landscaping project you
did for us.  You did a great job! If you ever need a reference for future projects, we’d be happy to give you
one.  M&M K.  Fayette, IA

Thank you.  It was a wonderful job as usual.  T.L. Fredericksburg, IA

We wanted to let you know how much we like the landscaping work you did at our home.  It looks great!
Thanks for being so willing to work with us despite the multiple changes we made. Keep up the great
work!  P.S. I am sure we will be back in the future!  B & B S.  Fairbank, IA

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the “job” the men did.  They cleaned everything up so good and were
very courteous. Thanks again.  L.Y.  Sumner, IA

Thanks guys!  I’m thrilled with my new landscaping, sidewalk and steps.  It looks great.  C.D.  Sumner, IA

We are very pleased with the work you did for us.  It looks so nice!  Thank you.  D & M M.  Dewar, IA

We would like to thank you for the beautiful job you did designing and installing our landscaping around
our new home.  What a difference it makes!  We are really enjoying it.  Thanks for your patience in working
with me on the design plan.  Your staff was wonderful and such hard workers.  Thanks again, we look
forward to working with you again.  J & N W.

Just a short note to thank you for your efforts on our behalf.  The area blended very nicely into something beautiful
that we hope to have for many years to come.  We enjoyed working with you (and the guys) and are extremely happy
with the outcome.  Thanks again.  D&V,  Waterloo, Iowa

The new porch, steps & path are great.  We love it!  Have had lots of good feedback from neighbors and
friends.   – D.B.   Waverly, IA

We are so pleased with our landscaping.  Can hardly wait until spring. Have had many people tell us it looks so nice.   
– C.C.   Dunkerton, IA

I certainly appreciated how neat everything looked after the wall was finished – No “clean – up – after – the
– crew” work to be done.  Thanks.      – H.   Parkersburg, IA

Thank you!  Excellent design and service, as always!   – J.K.  Waverly, IA

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the beautiful landscaping that you did for us.  
It was a project or rather a dream we had planned this summer and you made it come true.  
–  M.N.  Sumner, IA

Our landscaping project looks great!  We continue to receive compliments almost daily.  We will definately recommend
you to our friends and neighbors.     – C.S.